Physico-chemical characterization of collagen scaffolds for tissueengineering

B. H. León-Mancilla, M. A. Araiza-Téllez, J. O. Flores-Flores, M. C. Piña-Barba


The objective was to research the physical and chemical properties of collagen scaffolds (CS) obtained from bone matrix Nukbone® subject toa demineralization process using hydrochloric acid. The CS samples were characterized by optical and scanning electron microscopy, elementalchemical analysis, X-ray diffraction, spectroscopy Infrared, thermal analysis, differential scanning calorimetry and nitrogen adsorption. Themicroanalysis were used to set the macro- and microstructures of CS. They showed that the CS retained the morphology of Nukbone® withinterconnected pores and their size between 100 and 500


Tissue engineering; Collagen scaffolds; Bone matrix; Biomaterials

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