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Vol 14, No 1 2-Imino-(3,4-dimethoxybenzyl) ethanesulfonic acid Schiff base anchoredsilver nanocomplex mediated by sugarcane juice and their antibacterialactivities Abstract   PDF
Elias Emeka Elemike, Enock Olugbenga Dare, Inyang David Samuel, Jude Chinedu Onwuka
Vol 7, No 03 3D‐Facial Expression Synthesis and its Application to Face Recognition Systems Abstract   PDF
Leonel Ramí­rez-Valdez, Rogelio Hasimoto-Beltran
Vol 14, No 2 Analytical and Numerical funicular analysis by means of the Parametric Force Density Method Abstract   PDF (Español)
C. Cercadillo-García
Vol 14, No 3 H2 control of a one-quarter semi-active ground vehicle suspension Abstract   PDF
L.C. Félix-Herrán, D. Mehdi, R. A. Ramírez-Mendoza, J. de J. Rodríguez-Ortiza, R. Soto
Vol 12, No 2 A Bayesian Combination Forecasting Model for Retail Supply Chain Coordination Abstract   PDF
W.J. Wang, Q. Xu
Vol 11, No 2: Issue_11_2 A Blind Data Hiding Technique with Error Correction Abilities and a High Embedding Payload Abstract   PDF
H. Y. Liang, C. H. Cheng, C. Y. Yang, K. F. Zhang
Vol 8, No 03 A Blind Video Watermarking Scheme Robust To Frame Attacks Combined With MPEG2 Compression Abstract   PDF
C. Cruz-Ramos, R. Reyes-Reyes, M. Nakano-Miyatake, H. Perez-Meana
Vol 12, No 3 A Collaborative Supply Chain Management System for a Maritime Port Logistics Chain Abstract   PDF
L.M. Ascencio, R.G. González-Ramírez, L.A. Bearzotti, N.R. Smith, J.F. Camacho-Vallejo
Vol 11, No 2: Issue_11_2 A Color LED Driver Implemented by the Active Clamp Forward Converter Abstract   PDF
C. H. Chang, H. L. Cheng, C. A. Cheng, E. C. Chang
Vol 14, No 2 A comparative simulation study on the performance of LDPC codedcommunication systems over Weibull fading channels Abstract   PDF (Español)
Ibrahim Develi, Yasin Kabalci
Vol 9, No 01 A Comparison of Dynamic Naive Bayesian Classifiers and Hidden Abstract   PDF
H.H. Avilés-Arriaga, L.E. Sucar-Succar, C.E. Mendoza-Durán, L.A. Pineda-Cortés
Vol 10, No 6 A Comparison of Redundancy Techniques for Private and Hybrid Cloud Storage Abstract   PDF
E.M. Hernandez-Ramirez, V.J. Sosa-Sosa, I. Lopez-Arevalo
Vol 15, No 1 A comprehensive embedded solution for data acquisition and communication using FPGA Abstract   PDF
Venkatraman Kandadai, Moorthi Sridharan, Selvan Manickavasagam Parvathy, Raja Pitchaimuthu
Vol 13, No 2 A constructive algorithm for unsupervised learning with incremental neural network Abstract   PDF
Jenq-Haur Wang, Hsin-Yang Wang, Yen-Lin Chen, Chuan-Ming Liu
Vol 5, No 01 A continuous radon monitoring system based on a solid-state silicon detector Abstract   PDF
R. Peña-Eguiluz, J. M. Garcí­a-Hernández, F. J. Ramí­rez-Jiménez
Vol 14, No 4 A dedicated electric oven for characterization of thermoresistive polymer nanocomposites Abstract   PDF
M. Cen-Puc, G. Pool, F. Avilés, A. May-Pat, S. Flores, J. Lugo, G. Torres, L. Gus, A. I. Oliva, J. E. Corona
Vol 5, No 02 A discrete wavelet transform-singular value decomposition system for image coding Abstract   PDF
H. de Jesús Ochoa-Domí­nguez, K. R. Rao
Vol 12, No 5 A Discrete-event Simulation Model for Supporting the First-tier Supplier Decision-Making in a UK’s Automotive Industry Abstract   PDF
M. Ramírez-Granados, J.E. Hernández, A.C. Lyons
Vol 10, No 2 A Family of Hybrid Space-Time Codes for MIMO Wireless Communications Abstract   PDF
M. Bazdresch, J. Cortez, O. Longoria-Gándara, R. Parra-Michel
Vol 9, No 02 A Fast Simulation Method for Wave Transformation Processes In Coastal Zones Abstract   PDF
I.E Herrera-Díaz, C. Couder-Castañeda, H. Ramírez León
Vol 15, No 1 A first principles calculation of Ni-16Cr and Ni-16Mo alloys Abstract   PDF
Ashish Pathak, Kumud Kant Mehta, Ashok Kumar Singh
Vol 12, No 2 A Flexsim-based Optimization for the Operation Process of Cold- Chain Logistics Distribution Centre Abstract   PDF
X. Zhu, R. Zhang, F. Chu, Z. He, J. Li
Vol 5, No 02 A FPGA implementation of solder paste deposit on printed circuit boards error detector based in a bright and contrast algorithm Abstract   PDF
A. De Luca-Pennacchia, M. Á. Sánchez-Martí­nez
Vol 12, No 4 A GPS-aided Inertial Navigation System in Direct Configuration Abstract   PDF
R. Munguía
Vol 14, No 6 A gradient descent control for output tracking of a class of non-minimumphase nonlinear systems Abstract   PDF
Khalil Jouili, Naceur Benhadj Braiek
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