Some theoretical considerations on concept formation

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G. Hinojosa


Titis paper airns to set a titeoretical basis for concept forrnation. Sorne definitions of tite ter». concept, given tn tite psycitological literature are reviewed asad one definition Ls proposed. A possible hierarcity of concepts useful for teaching tite». Ls presented. Tite process of learning concepts titrough definitions, as it itappens isa reading texts or con­sulting dictionaries Ls examined botit it. itsforrnaland itspsychologicalaspects. A method for teaching concepts through definitions is propossed. FinaIly, sorne bonds between conceptual behavior asid language are pointed out.

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Hinojosa, G. (2011). Some theoretical considerations on concept formation. Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis, 7(1), 69–82.