A citation study of the interbehavioral field psychology of J.R Kantor

Noel W. Smith, Candace E. Ray


The characteristics of Kantor’s intenbehavioral field are presented as a prelude to a comprehensive analysis of citations from 19l7--1976 concerning his works. A number of the individual topics Kantor has dealt with are reviewed in order to discover the nature of the references made to these areas, Specifically investigated are the reasons- for Kantor’s relative lack of influence despite the magnitude and originality of his scholarly production. Possibly indicating tic growing recognition of the need for an objective field system such as his it the marked trend toward more frequent citations after 1950, including those of behavior analysis. in general, Kantor’s field approach is overwhelmingly approved when noted but infrequently receives attention.


interbehavioral field psychology,3. R. Kantor, citation study

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Dr. Carlos J. Flores-Aguirre


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